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Paula Deen Wood Chopping Board

Paula Deen Signature Wood End Grain Chopping Board

There is much talk about work surfaces in the news and how essential it is to keep them clean to fight germs and bacteria.  This is especially true if you are going to be placing uncooked meat like chicken or pork on the surface.  These are very safe meats after cooking, but they can spread some germs in their raw state.  After handling these meats, you should regularly wash your work surfaces and utensils with soap and water.

This opens up another question.  Some individuals argue that a kitchen worktop made of wood is not safe as they are difficult to clean which is not true for two reasons. 

First of all, a wooden counter top is going to be sealed on the surface to safe guard it from moisture and this would protect it from germs as well.  The sealant will not allow any unsafe materials or liquids to pass through to the wood. 

In fact, you have to keep your sealer in good condition for complete protection.  It is paramount that either you or a contractor do a light sanding and apply a fresh coat of sealant every year.

Another fact about wood, and this is actually amusing, is that it really has an antiseptic quality. Specifically, oak wood has the potential to protect from germs and this is one reason that it was used for barrels in the ancient times. 

Obviously, you still want to maintain your oak worktop clean, though you do have this natural increased protection. 

Actually this works so well that in most old butcher shops the butcher’s block was never cleaned. Alternatively, it was scraped off each night with a sharp scraper to wipe out the fats and left for the following day’s meat cutting.  The antiseptic properties of the block maintained its safety.

If you are searching for a good material to build worktops for your renovated kitchen then do not be discouraged by wood.  It has been used in kitchens for years with no negative outcomes.

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