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camo bedding

InStyle Home Collection Camouflage Bedding

If you think of camo bedding, what do you think of? An army-mad 10 year old boy with a single bed?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that, but there’s so much more to camo bedding right now. From the youngest child to the wariest adult, male or female, there’s a style of camo bedding out there that will suit and please you.

Starting by looking at bedding for the stereotype above, there are countless thousands of single-size camouflage bedding sets available.

The following sets stand out from the crowd a little – after all, doesn’t everybody want to be a little bit individual?

InStyle are a well-regarded bedding manufacturer, and their Operation Camo Army Style Junior Comforter Set has some great little extra style features. It’s not all-over camo, making it more subtle, as it is accented with bold and pin stripes, with camo accents – a very stylish set.

Also worth a mention for younger children is the Scooby Doo Jungle Safari range. With a camo background, this fun set is brightened by the loveable cartoon dog, which younger kids will love.

Did you know that even the very youngest member of the family can sleep in camo?

Well, JoJo Designs have managed it, and come up with an awesome 9-piece baby crib set in camo print. It’s a comprehensive set, including nappy stacker, cot bumper and wall decorations. At around $170 it’s not cheap, but boy does it look fabulous! And what’s more, it comes in soft baby blue and pink as well as the conventional green.

And if you’re an adult with a queen or king size bed, quite like camo but don’t want your bedroom to end up looking like an Army camp?

Well, there are even some answers for you. If you like the idea of camouflage bedding but don’t want to go all-out, why not try the Break Up pattern by All Seasons bedding?

It’s a much more subtle, grown up version of a camouflage pattern, so will give you the flavor without that “in-your-face” effect.

Another bedding set to do this is the Realtree AP Pink Camo range from Springfield bedding. A stylish repeat tree pattern in girlie pink, this design again gives a flavor of camo design without going the whole hog – fabulous.

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